May 2020


Fintech / Startup


Scaling your data architecture / Migration projects


Heads of Data, BI Managers, CTOs/CDOs, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Project Managers...



Verse CIS Consulting Looker

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The advantages of shifting from a traditional BI architecture to a Modern Data Platform
  • Knowing when to scale your data stack
  • The Looker approach to data analytics
  • Key challenges during a data migration project
  • Pro tips for Project Management success

In the next 45 minutes you will discover how the global payments company, Verse, implemented their new data analytics architecture, migrated over 100 Metabase reports & queries to their new platform, and gave their business users self service analytics in a matter of months! Their objective was clear - find a tool that could give them reliable insights and allow them to make effective business decisions

With the help of Looker, a new kind of analytics platform, and the team of data consultants from CIS, Verse were able to accelerate this process and successfully integrate analytics into their organisational workflows, in a move to become truly data-driven.






Guillemette Frappa linkedin-mini
Account Executive


Florent Micand linkedin-mini
Former Head of BI


Ruth Onyekwe linkedin-mini
Looker Specialist




About Looker: A new kind of analytics platform that lets everyone in your business make informed decisions - from anywhere. Across industries, today's most data-driven businesses use the Looker platform to do more with their data.

About Verse: The mobile app allows you to share payments easily, instantly and with no hidden fees and also allows you to choose whether your transactions are private or public so that you can have fun while keeping track of your financial activities.

About CIS: A team of specialists helping companies design, build and maintain a modern data architecture and analytics environment, enabling teams to get the most out of their data, become self sufficient and bring real change to the organization.